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The Lebel Team at Nest Seekers specializes in residential real estate throughout the NYC metropolitan area and Europe. We are connectors, utilizing our global network of real estate brokers, attorneys, and financial professionals to navigate multi-faceted investments for clients.

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Our team posses a diverse skillset, with backgrounds in finance, interior design, and property management. We seek to advise our clients, whilst recognizing the human element in purchasing a home, a lifestyle, and an investment for the future.

Our Vision

The Team

Monica Lebel

From Paris and Cannes to London, Monica’s extensive experience in international markets has shaped her holistic and multifaceted expertise.

Olivia Matthews

A native New Yorker with a passion for urban living. Olivia specializes 1031 exchanges and residential sales.

Anne Rodocanachi

Born and raised in Paris, Anne empowers clients through her knowledge of market trends and negotiation tactics.

Alicia Farnham Hanafy

Born and raised in NY, Alicia’s strong background in sales allows her to seamlessly navigate the complexities of the real estate market.

Daniel Schultz

Daniel’s engaging personality and never ending energy enable him to navigate complicated deals and win for his clients every time.

Devin Pownhall

A naturally creative problem solver, Devin approaches any situation with a level head and calm demeanor to achieve the best outcome for his clients.

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